What’s in store for 2012? A Marshall plan.

This crazy weather has hatched kickball scrimmages much more rapidly that I am accustomed. Apologies for the belated hand-off…

First things first, a HUGE THANKS to one Mick Cottin for taking residual mojo left by Chris Ford and nearly doubling the popularity of this blog in 2011, again. Or, many of you regs simply hit refresh almost twice as much. Either way, impressive. Mick’s clever use of video brought a whole new level of creativity and entertainment to SITP. Not to mention a whole new level of jackassery as well.  From day one, Mick made the blog his own while continuing the time honored tradition of jocular inclusivity. He’ll be a tough act to follow. Thanks again Mick!

That said, SITP in 2012 will be delivered to you via Kris Marshall. Most, if not all, of you already know Kris. I have good reason to believe he’ll deliver insightful rants about kickball, life, pop-culture, false gods, Sedgwick County, real sports (ala Kenny Powers), and other ephemera. Maybe those are just my unreasonably high expectations. Like others before him, I really just expect him to make this blog an extension of his own voice. Good luck to you, Kris! I would also like to wish everyone a happy, healthy 2012 kickball season.

I’ll leave you with words to live by from a KVKL icon…………”Most fun wins!”