2015 Spring Tournament!

by | Apr 17, 2015 | Event

Spring Charity Tournament

Hello teams!
We have a fun Sunday planned out! Just keep saying NO RAIN to yourself til we get there.  Captains, please locate me or Jacki as soon as you can to pay for your team.

For now all extra money is still going to the scoreboard for any random things that might pop up. Once that scoreboard is done we will need a new Charity to work towards!

We have 15 teams signed up!

That means the first games need to start at NOON!
We must enforce a few time rules to make sure everyone gets a fair chance to play their games.
Standard KVKL rules will be enforced as well… Come early to warm up, ref, eat and be merry.

Here are your time rules for this weekend
1. Games are a max of 1 hour from scheduled start time (Games starting at noon will be ended at 1pm … so be sure to start ON TIME!).

2. Once a game reaches 1 hour, the game will end at the finish of the half inning regardless if the half inning is the top or bottom.

3. If a game is tied after the 1 hour time limit, the game ends on the next run scored regardless of who is the home or away team.

RAIN OR SHINE! We will be in contact with the city but we are planning on playing until we hear from them! So keep your smart phones on you cause we will update you as soon as we know anything.

Please remember that we need to follow City rules. Bring food and grills, but please keep them in the parking lot. No Glass! Cans for the community is still trying to reach a big goal and we can help!

If you bought an I scored at Hobbs t-shirt bundle you can pick that up Sunday!

https://kawvalleykickball.com/…/Charity2015PlayoffBracke… – can also be found on the website, linked on the League Information page. https://kawvalleykickball.com/league-information/

Because of the odd number of teams, it will be extra important that we have as many volunteer refs available as possible, so please help out!