Be Better

by | Jun 29, 2018 | From the Board, Notice

Hello kickball family.

I’d like to take a moment and request that we all Be Better.

Every Sunday, for the past 17 years, there are 3 months in the heat and humidity of these amazing Kansas summers we get to enjoy the company of teammates, friends and family. We get to be active and play a sport we have all come to love and we do it all with the help of the Lawrence Parks and Recs Dept.

We have been told that the fields are being left in poor condition: cigarette butts, trash, etc. being left in the dug outs, fields, stands, and in the parking lots. I know we aren’t the only ones that use the fields, there are other groups on the same fields we use all week before us, but let’s continue to be better!
Parks and Recs Dept. do a lot for us, and we need to show them we appreciate it by trying to make their life easier when they go to work Monday morning.

Keep in mind Municipal Stadium at Hobbs Park is our unofficial kickball home, it was opened in July 1947. Our favorite park is 71 years old, and need a little extra TLC. Let’s keep our home clean for our future. KVKL has always risen above and beyond expectations when it comes to cleaning the fields and that’s part of why the city allows us to do what we do.

So, please, take a few minutes to clean up your trash after your game on every field you play on, and take it a step further, pick up the trash that is left behind by others. Keep your drinks and cigarettes off the field during play, remind your teammates, fans and friends to bring cans and recycle.

Love always, Erin “kickball mom” Adams