Kaw Valley Kickball League 2024 Player Code Of Conduct

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A. The Kaw Valley Kickball League is designed solely for the recreational values derived by the players, captains, mascots and spectators for the sport of kickball. Players will conduct themselves at all times according to the rules of the game. KVKL reserves the right to disqualify any player or team who does not follow the rules of the league. All of the following are subject to board review.

B. Any people (players, captains, mascots, spectators) ejected from the game shall leave the facility and/or Park immediately. Failure to do so may warrant a forfeiture of the game by the official. The captain(s) shall be responsible for actions by his/her players and spectators and is responsible for informing them of all rules. The head referee along with scheduled game referee’s, are responsible for determining what is unsportsmanlike.

C. Unsportsmanlike conduct is prohibited. Unsportsmanlike Conduct is defined as but not limited to: badgering or taunting of opponents, officials or spectators. A player, spectator, referee or mascot who is ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct will be penalized as follows:

1. The first ejection, must miss remainder of the game and leave the park grounds immediately. Person who is ejected may not stay in dugout, bleacher or parking lot area. Exception: If the misconduct ejection occurs after the game is completed, the person will be suspended for the next scheduled game including being prohibited from the dugout, bleacher, or parking lot area.

2. The second ejection leads to an automatic (5) five game suspension. **So stated to mean the next (5) five-scheduled league games. This includes KVKL championship tournament, and carries over into the next season if needed. Teams charged with unsportsmanlike conduct will also be on probation for one calendar year. The said team and/or player will be under review before, during, and after the team registration process and during the current KVKL season. A player will also not be welcome to participate in any KVKL charity tournaments while serving a suspension.

3. The third ejection automatically disqualifies the person from further KVKL sponsored competitions for a minimum of one calendar year from the time of the incident.

D. Disqualifications – Ejections: Any player or representative of a team that verbally or physically harasses a referee or opposing team players before, during, or after a game will receive a minimum of (1) one year probation and players team will receive the same degree of penalty per review by the KVKL board. If a head referee feels threatened by any player, or is repeatedly questioned about calls by non-captain or non-assistant captain players, he or she should warn that team’s captain, assistant captain and all other referees that the player has been given a warning. After a warning is issued, the head referee or any other referee may disqualify that player.

E. The striking of another player witnessed during a KVKL sanctioned event (including a player who strikes back after being struck) will be penalized as follows:

1. Ejection from game and minimum of 1-year suspension of player(s) involved per review of KVKL board.

2. Pending further review additional punishment can be levied against players involved, including permanent disqualification from the league.

F. Appeals – Players and teams may appeal punishment applied toward them or their team in a written letter (or email to a current board member) that will be reviewed on a regular board schedule meeting or equivalent meeting of the KVKL board members. This review will not affect the schedule of the beginning of punishment decided by the KVKL board, only the duration, severity, and type of said punishment toward the player and/or team.


1. The Board may assess IFUs to individuals or teams for failure to comply with the KVKL Rules or Code of Conduct.

2. Referees are encouraged to note any Rule or Code of Conduct violations on the scoresheets for their games, and the
Board will make the ultimate determination about whether an IFU is warranted.

3. Captains are responsible for the players on their team, and any IFU attributable to an individual will also be logged as a team IFU. Likewise, any IFUs attributable to a team will be considered as attributable to said Team’s Captains (whether registering a new or existing team) for purposes of team registration penalties pursuant to Section G.4 below.

4. In addition to the other recourse set forth in the KVKL Rules and this Code of Conduct, any team with multiple IFUs during the course of a season will incur the following penalties:

a. 3 IFUs: The team will forfeit its spot in the “Game of the Week” rotation for one cycle

b. 5 IFUs: The team will be required to pay a $50.00 fine prior to or at the time of team registration the following
year. Failure to pay said fine will result in loss of returning team status, and the team will not be permitted to
register as a new team without payment of said fine.

c. 10 or more IFUs: The team shall lose its returning team status, and the Board will make a determination as to whether the team shall also be banned from the KVKL for one year or more. In addition, the team will be required to pay a $100.00 fine prior to or at the time of its next permitted team registration.