KVKL 2018: Dates and Information

Happy 2018 Season Kickball Family! The long offseason is coming to a merciful close, and we'll soon be embarking on another journey to the heart of summer. As always, this season promises to be replete with sunshine, friendly rivalries, fierce competition, lots of...

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2017 Commish Post

Hello KVKL, First of all, I'd like to say that 2016 was a fantastic year, so thank you to everyone for all your hard work on and off the field. The expansion to 36 teams was pulled off with only a few bumps and our new teams are all returning! We just did what we do...

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2017 Dates and Information

Hello KVKL Nation, I've had such a great year serving as your Commissioner! Of course nothing would be possible without the combined hard work and passion from the entire board. We've had some changes in the board with Jacki Becker, Scott Stewart and Matt Pryor...

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