MMKU–1st/2nd Round Review

by | Aug 16, 2010 | Uncategorized | 43 comments

How ‘bout all those games in one place at YSC!  In the opening round, Slowride won easily against a shorthanded Brew Baller team.  Blue Collar gave Das Boot an early scare but couldn’t keep up.  Free State took Jazzhaus to extra innings, when Holly of Jazzhaus kicked in the winning run with a deep walk-off triple (probably the best ending to a game I’ve seen all year).  West Coast held off a late Eastsider rally to win by one run.  Finally, Murda Tang got their big upset of the year by knocking out Mad Greek. 

In the second round, I correctly predicted a one run game between Screamers and Das Boot, but picked the wrong team as Screamers pulled it out.  In the much anticipated Yello Sub v Jazzhaus game, sugar man Shahir made an unexpected return and the YS Kool-Aid tasted and looked great once again.  They led the whole game, played loose and confidently, and seemed to make big double plays every other inning.  In the Eldridge v Rangelife game, Eldridge held a 3-0 lead for the first half of the game, but Rangelife got going and were absolutely stroking the ball in the 9th to win 8-4.  Lastly, Murda Tang nearly continued their Cinderella run by pushing Red Lyon in a shootout, but fell just short 19-18. 

Haven’t heard anything about the Holcom games.  Please feel free to post any game reports, plays, or players that stood out to you.  Or for all the Yello Sub readers, this is your chance to further rub my face in my busted bracket predictions.  Fun and impressive games, all!