MMKU-Week 7 Review

by | Jul 19, 2010 | Uncategorized | 18 comments

There was a great slate of games in Week 7 and this is the forum for posting game summaries or whatever kickball chitchat you deem appropriate.  The top flight pool had three good games that were tight: Pita Pit and Eldridge were at 7-4 in the 7th; after 5, Los Luchadores and Sacred Sword where knotted at 4; and Das Boot jumped on Love Garden with 5 runs in the first.  I hear the Screamers won big against Yello Sub (Geoff had this ranked correctly).  Rangelife topped Slowride, but I don’t know how the game played out.  No upsets in among the 4’s, but 2Pac v Blue Collar was a close one.  Finally, Astroidhead gets to keep their name after beating Kitty in extra innings.  Meow.  What impact did the extreme heat have on your game?  We had to switch out balls midgame because it was so waterlogged with sweat.