MMKU–Week 8 Review

by | Jul 26, 2010 | Uncategorized | 7 comments

Another great night of kickball with what seems were a lot of close contests.  I thought the 1’s had really strong showings at Hobbs.  Los Luchadores closed the gap with aggressive offensive play in the 9th but came up short against PP 7-5.  Sacred Sword and Love Garden were in an incredibly tight contest that wasn’t decided until the bottom of the 9th, with LG squeaking out a 5-4 victory.  And what an impressive comeback by Eldridge to take control of the GOTW.  Yello Sub rebounded against Red Lyon.  Two games at Edgewood were decided in the 9th, with Wildman pulling the upset over Blue Collar and Mad Greek pulling off the win over Replay. Sounds like the other games between the 4’s were close ones as well.  Please post game summaries.  The question of the week: who stole the GOTW show—the Eldridge 3B or the season’s first streaker?