Monday Morning Kickballers Unite–Week 4 Review

by | Jun 21, 2010 | Uncategorized | 14 comments

Hey All! Welcome to the post-week 4 all things kickball forum. There were a lot of great games played yesterday, and I am particularly interested in hearing accounts. How about that GOTW—best one of the season? I hear Red Lyon got Slowride in a close one. And how about late come-from-behind victories by Los Luchadores and Screamers!?! Mad Greek looks to have 2nd place sealed with a big win over Murda Tang. Free State took down West Coast in what I think was another 9th inning comeback. Eastsiders now a big wildcard amongst the #3’s after a win over Brew Ballers. Lots and lots of exciting games, but the real question is what was your favorite Top Gun song from the Replay last night? Talk to me, Goose.