Monday Morning Kickballers Unite–Week 6 Review

by | Jul 12, 2010 | Uncategorized | 30 comments

Mother Nature was once again kind to KVKL and I’d like to hear about any games you watched or played.  Not sure of any major upsets, but to follow are the headlines.  Pita Pit, Love Garden, and Los Luchadores distinguished themselves over their opponents in lopsided victories.  The Screamers’ defense locked down the by league’s scoring leader in the GOTW.  Slowride looks to be Rangelife’s top contender after beating Eastsiders (sadly, no Cougar trash talking.  Erin’s got podcast bragging rights). For the 4’s, Jazzhaus took down Brew Ballers in a game that could decide the race winner (can West Coast play the dark horse?).  And the question of the week, which of the 73 Aaron Swaggerty throw outs was your favorite?