Overdue – Welcome to KVKL 2019

by | Mar 22, 2019 | Event, From the Board, Rules

Hello Kickballers! I’ve been drafted to be the commissioner again this year and it is a privilege since this will be my last year serving on the KVKL board. I’m looking forward to another season filled with frenzy and furor over our favorite sport. The sunshine is just around the corner, and the KVKL board has been working hard to make sure we take advantage of every bit, and with your help this will be another great year.

2018 Charity: With hard work from every single member of the league we were able to donate $10,000 to Just Food!

2019 Charity: This year we asked people to submit ideas and we have picked The Care Center and SafeBar Alliance. They provide education to establishments around the area, and offer support and resources to those in need.  Learn more about what they do here.


Important dates and fun info!
Registration is open for returning and new teams.
Deadline is April 1st. Complete registration includes: signed captain waivers, $300 league fees and a full roster of 10+ players with full names, contact info (phone or email) and this year we are asking captains to include gender as we are working out a way to include Gender Non-Binary to the options on waivers. More information for this is on the Registration page. https://kawvalleykickball.com/team-registration.html

A few rule updates for 2019.
Click here! (changes in bold): No new rules, just clarification on the wording.
There will also be updates to the scoresheet this year. Be on the look out for those.

April 14th Sunday: Ref-a-palooza 1pm at Broken Arrow
The Ref Clinic will still focus on teaching the rules and assisting new refs, but it will also be a fun day of scrimmaging as well with a great opportunity for all players to dust off those cleats. We also encourage free agents to come by and get scoped out by captains for possible recruitment.

Ref Quiz:
In order to make sure that all teams are staying fresh on the rules we will administer an online ref quiz. We will require the Captain and Asst. Captain from all returning teams to take and pass the quiz before the start of the season. New teams will be required to have 2 other team members in addition to the 2 captains take and pass the quiz. All members of the league are encouraged to take the quiz. We may even have Certified Ref coozies to give out to all the league members who pass the quiz.

April 14th Sunday: Captain’s Meeting – 7 pm at Johnny’s (North Lawrence)

May 5th: Spring Charity Tournament – Holcom – Noon start time. This year the money raised from this event will go toward a Memorial Bench at Hobbs Park.

May 5th: COMBINE! – Holcom – Noon Start time. “What is this?,” you ask: Thru the years we have heard people talk about how they think so and so is the best at running bases, or throwing from 3rd to 1st. We have been working on a fun field day/combine to test some basic kickball skills for anyone who wants to test themselves against other players in the league. This will be a charity event as well so bring some extra dollars to compete. (In between games of course!) More info TBA.

May 19th: Start of season. The decision to start on this date did not come easy. We have exactly 13 weeks between Memorial Day and Labor Day this year. We wanted to make sure that we have at least 1 week to spare in case of rain. We understand that this might be a hard start date for some teams, and we are ready to work to make sure every game gets played. Any team that is unable to field a team on May 19th may attempt to reschedule as usual; we ask that opposing teams be as flexible as possible in trying to get this first game in.

May 26th: No Games
June 2nd: Continue Regular season.

July 13th: Girl on Girl Clinic. Year 8! If you’ve never attended I hope you can make time this year!

Sundays in August: These dates will be the tournament. Rain outs pending dates.

: A little change up this season, Tim Fredrickson will be taking over the hosting job for CJ Kie.
Show will still be Tuesdays at Jazzhaus, doors at 7:30 pm, podcast at 8 pm (ish) and live on Mixlr.

Sunday’s in the Park Blog:

If you have any interest in being a full-time or part-time contributor to the blog let us know and on what you would focus. For example, you could choose to only cover a couple weeks in June or maybe choose certain pools or ranks to cover. It would be nice to see more coverage on all levels of teams.

Cans for the Community:
Keep bringing cans! We will continue to pair with this organization. You can also donate in the off season. Look for those cute blue houses around town. Until the season starts check out the great stuff that gets funded by all those empties! http://www.cansforthecommunity.org/

We will still have Kick the Can as a 7th inning stretch 50/50 game and if you are interested in selling food reach out to Staci.

As always let’s keep the city happy and leave our fields cleaner than you found them.

Erin “Eribear” Adams
2019 KVKL Commissioner
Kickball Mom