Overdue – Welcome to KVKL 2019

Hello Kickballers! I've been drafted to be the commissioner again this year and it is a privilege since this will be my last year serving on the KVKL board. I'm looking forward to another season filled with frenzy and furor over our favorite sport. The sunshine is...

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Start of the Season 2016

Hello KVKL Nation, I am looking forward to another fun-filled season and the honor as serving as your commissioner again this year. The KVKL Board has been working hard to both keep this well oiled machine running and to come up with ideas for improvement. First...

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Tournament Update

It has come to our attention that Channel 6 used the Emergency Play Act incorrectly, resulting in an illegal lineup in their first game of the playoffs. Therefore that game is considered a forfeit, resulting in the second round game to be a bye for the next round...

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