Week 5 Preview

Good day fellow kickballers,

Week 5 is shaping up to be one of the more memorable weeks of kickball I can remember on paper, and I hope the games don’t disappoint.  Ranking the games this week is incredibly tough because there are so many great match-ups, from undefeated teams to those fighting to stay afloat.

We begin this week with nine teams who are undefeated and 9 teams who are still winless so far this season.  All of that is about to change.  At least three teams will suffer their first lost today, as there are three games featuring two undefeated teams (Love Garden vs. Red Lyon, Pita Pit vs. Chalmersiz, and Goats vs. Shaolin Shadowboxers), but don’t be surprised if as many as five undefeated teams take a loss.

Of the teams yet to win a game this season, at least two will taste the sweetness of victory today as well (Gang Green vs. Spacepussy and Corksuckers vs. Ghosts). I also have the Rockets finally getting off the schneid and picking up their first win of the season.  Whether they defeat the Fighting Harpies or not they will have some celebratory cookies for you I’m sure.

I should have mentioned yesterday the circumstances surrounding the rescheduled Pita Pit vs. Chalmersiz match-up today.  The game was originally scheduled for week 7, but members of Pita Pit are attending the MLB all-star weekend, hosted in Kansas Citythis year, and were going to be short players that weekend if they were unable to reschedule.  Kudos to the Chalmersiz for being good sports and agreeing to play the game at an earlier time.

See ya’ll out at the diamonds and good luck to all!


1. Gang Green > Spacepussy (15-8)

2. Love Garden > RedLyon

3. **Pita Pit > Chalmersiz**

4. Das Boot > Sacred Sword

5. Barracudas > Screamers

6. Goats > Shaolin Shadowboxers

7. Pita Pit > Party!!

8. Wildman Attack Force > Liberty Hall

9. Channel 6 > Asteroid Head

10. Corksuckers > Ghosts

11. Slowride > Dirty Mike and the Boyz

12. Los Matadores > Brewballers

13. Free State > Tellerdactyls

14. Hurtz Donut > Jazzhaus

15. Chalmersiz > Balls Deep

16. West Coast > Bald Beavers

17. Rockets >HarperValley

Home Team in Bold

**Rescheduled, week 7 match-up**