The Fall Classic is just a few weeks away, and here are the official details:

2011 KVKL Fall Classic – Sunday, September 25th, 1 p.m. – 11 p.m.

Event expectations:
This event will benefit The Willow Domestic Violence Center and Headquarters Counseling Center in Lawrence. The Fall Classic will be held on Sunday September 25 beginning at 1p.m. and ends whenever the tournament is completed, or 11:00 p.m. The entry fee of the Fall Classic will be $100 per team. We’re looking for a minimum of 8 teams and money will be due Wednesday, September 21th (by 8 p.m.). This way, we will be able to build a schedule on teams we know will be attending (schedule will be posted on www.kawvalleykickball.com and FACEBOOK on Friday, September 23rd).

If you would like to register a team, please contact Erin Adams, Jacki Becker, or Deron Belt:

Erin Adams – – 550.9727
Jacki Becker – – 423.2846 (text only please)
Deron Belt – – 766.9779

Rules of the tournament:
All KVKL rules apply. This year we ARE NOT eliminating the gender rule for this tourney.
As always all games will be self-officiated. All teams will be guaranteed two games.
Clipboards, scoresheets (+ pens), and balls will be provided.

Sunday Sept. 25 beginning at 1p.m.

Holcom Sports Complex

Please bring your own food and drink.

By supporting these events, we really appreciate your time and dedication to building a better Lawrence. Thank you!



After the last few days of perfect weather in Lawrence, KS, ten hours of kickball sounds like the greatest thing in the world.  I’m curious what teams will return looking the same as they did during the 2011 season, and what sort of frankenstein teams emerge in the Fall Classic.  I’ve heard rumors of Troy concocting a team of heavy drinkers called The Funaholics–you must play with a beer in hand the whole game, and shotgun a beer for every run/foul/inning.  Get in contact with Deron, Jacki, or Erin right away if you want to play.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make the whole tournament, but I hope to at least come out and watch/ref some games… though, I love the idea of self-officiating.

Please visit the links above and find out more about the organizations The Fall Classic will be benefitting.


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus’ official 2012 Top Ten (prepare to be impressed):

  1. Bye – Creation Station is pissed they were kicked out of the league, and even more upset I left them out of the Most Fun Wins contest.  They build a team of terrifying shoeless-stoner soccer players and change their name to Bye, unfortunately they forfeit the championship game because they are unable to field a team.
  2. Chalmersiz – after a less-than-spectacular performance in the 2011 tournament, Coach Candy incorporates a dunk tank into the Chalmerisz defense.  Teams can’t help but try to kick the ball at the target and dip DJ Candlepants.  Candlepants then makes every out of the Chalmersiz’ 2012 season and solidifies his place in the KVKL Hall of Fame. A “NO DUNK TANK” rule is quickly added to the rule book for the 2013 season.
  3. Sacred Sword – after a rough start to the season involving a real sword, they lose several of their fastest players and are forced to stop bunting.  They discover they have some of the best kickers in the league and make an incredible run in the tournament.
  4. I’m Going to Murder You – the whole league is confused and upset by The Swarm’s newest team name (formerly Milton’s, formerly Mu-Tang, formerly Murder Tang).
  5. Das Boot – they somehow become even better kickball players, who have even more fun. What a bunch of assholes.
  6. Balls Deep – they have a spectacular season, but end up quitting the league mid-season to start a competing Lawrence kickball league that allows a strike zone.  They tell everyone the new league’s name is Balls Deep Kickball League, but we still call it Mad Greek Kickball League.
  7. Spacepussy – they discover performance enhancing steroids and enter the top ten.
  8. Goats – the Scotts appoint Tricia Rock team coach, and The Goats have their best season yet.
  9. Red Lyon – Nick Lerner starts to bunt, Red Lyon starts to win.
  10. Liberty Hall – Coach Billy Gay Cyrus is voted out of his own team after never getting The Late Fees above a tenth seat ranking during his time as team manager. Deron Belt takes over and crushes every other team in the league during the tournament, reclaiming his Championship Belt title. Coach Billy Gay Cyrus joins the city league in disgrace.
That’s it. That’s all I got.  I didn’t have time to include every team in my 2012 predictions, so feel free to leave your own 2012 predictions below.
If you haven’t checked it out already, listen to the final KVKL Podcast! It was recorded live on The Replay Patio! It’s fun!
Coach Billy Gay Cyrus