Coming to the end

It’s the final weekend to get your kickball fill (of the summer league anyway). Good luck to the teams that are still standing. Hope to see everyone out there Sunday whether you’re playing or just hanging out.


No huge surprises on the Awesome side of the bracket with the top 7 teams reaching the quarter finals and the ninth-seeded Chalmersiz sneaking in there as well. The only new team making it to the quarter finals this year is Goats – taking the place of Afterparty!!.

(9) Chalmersiz @ (1) Happy Shirt

Favorite: Happy Shirt     Line: 2                     O/U: 10

This is the only non-rematch on the awesome side of the bracket. Happy Shirt has eliminated Chalmersiz from the tournament 2 out of the last 3 years. It went to extra innings the first time around, and last year Happy Shirt scored 3 runs in the ninth inning for the comeback win.

(5) Los Matadores @ (4) Love Garden

Favorite: Love Garden   Line: 3                     O/U: 11

Love Garden won 13-5 a few weeks ago. Los Matadores had the lead early in that game going up 4-0 before Love Garden’s offense woke up in the fourth inning. They scored in every inning they kicked after that.

(7) Goats @ (2) Wildman

Favorite: Wildman           Line: 4                     O/U: 10

Both teams played some good defense in the first go-round, but the Goats slipped in the third inning when they allowed 5 runs. That was the difference of the game (7-2). The Goats need to score more than 2 runs this week to have a chance to knock off the champ.

(6) Das Boot @ (3) Abraxas

Favorite: Abraxas             Line: 3                     O/U: 12

The Das Boot offense got a little kick-start in the first couple rounds. Their offensive output in pool play was 11 runs. In the first and second round they scored 18 runs against West Coast and 8 runs against Reign of Terror. Abraxas beat Das Boot two weeks ago 7-3.


The higher seeds in each game all have something in common. After starting the season with winning records, they stumbled into the tournament.

Screamers – First five games: 3-2; Last five: 1-4

Slowride – First five: 3-2; Last five: 1-4

MUrda – First five: 4-1; Last five: 1-4

Corksuckers – First five: 4-1; Last five: 0-5

(24) Free State @ (17) Screamers

Favorite: Free State        Line: 2                     O/U: 14

Free State is trying to repeat as the Less Awesome champions. They finished the season strong going undefeated in pool play and they have a good upset opportunity here.

(29) Asteroid Head @ (21) Slowride

Favorite: Slowride            Line: 3                     O/U: 16

They look about even going into the game. The last seven games of the regular season, Slowride went 1-6 to finish the regular season, AH went 2-5 (winning against Red Lyon way back in week 4). Even though Slowride is favored, this won’t be an easy game.

(23) Tellerdactyls @ (15) MUrda

Tellerdactyls 6, Murda 5

Tellerdactyls pulled off the upset Wednesday and will face the winner of Ghosts-Corksuckers. It may be advantageous not playing the 4 o’clock game to scout the other teams.

(22) Ghosts @ (14) Corksuckers

Favorite: Corksuckers    Line: 4                     O/U: 20

Corksuckers, also upset according to tournament seedings, has a good shot at the triple header this weekend. They did  lose their last five games of the regular season, but they kept the games close against good teams.