Hey-oh!  Wondering how the girl on girl clinic went on Sunday, well I’m going to tell you!

Great turn out for the ladies.  Everyone there was having fun and looking to learn or perfect their skills, focusing on bunting, place and power kicking, fielding, throwing, and sliding.  A huge thanks to the guys involved, and I know I am going to leave some out, but here goes: Simon Skinner, Nick, Derek Davis, Alex, Kris Marshall, Brian, CJ Kie, Matt Cosgrove, Scott Stewart, Matt Pryor, James Finley, and Troy Pomeroy.  I know there were more so thank you to all the dudes that came out to support us ladies!  There is a lot to say for what you can learn in a competitive game situation, but being able to slow everything down and really focus on the basics and technique involved made a huge impact.  And then getting to take what we learned and use it in a scrimmage following the clinic led to some exciting innings.  I truly believe its the ladies on each and every kickball team that really make the difference between a good team and a great one.

We all enjoyed the amazing spread put on by participants, especially the Harper Valley PTA.  Thanks Harpies!!!  I know we all appreciated the hard work and delicious grub.  The sense of community that we all feel being involved in such a strong organization like the Kaw Valley Kickball League is reflected in events like this when we all come together.  Its not about ringer teams, yelling at teammates or refs, or focusing on what we don’t like; its about fun (and beer!).

For those of you who haven’t yet heard the all girl podcast for this week, you have got to check it out!  I cant’ think of anything more entertaining than listening to a bunch of women sitting around drinking and talking kickball.  Hopefully you have enough patience to make it to the end, for a little “post-credits” bonus audio.  But if you don’t here is Cougar’s much anticipated “Top 10 Corps of Women in the KVKL”:

10. Channel 6 (they have the most athletic group of females in the league.  2 of them are former KU softball players and physical trainers, 1 is a former KU rower)

9. Hurtz Donut D-Holes (Arianna is a top 5 female)

8. Red Lyon (solid group with a saavy veteran in Lauren Pomeroy)

7. Abraxas- Death & Taxes (good group with championship pedigree, as 2011 KVKL champs, with Lauren Kohn and Nicole Turner)

6. Das Boot (very good corps with Kylie Palmero- top 10 female)

5. Happy Shirt (most veteran corp with championship pedigree, Nic Culbertson {2 titles{ and Briane Koester {3 titles}- top 10 female)

4. Reign of Terror (one of the most consistent corp of females in the KVKL, Mary Costello and Amber Lord are as steady as they come, physically and mentally)

3. Charlmersiz (a good combination of veteran experience and athleticism, with Betsy Hatch- top 5 female, Brittany Fellers and Rachna Patel)

2. Wildman Attack Force (defending champions, a great corp of females a big part of the championship, Abby Vestal- top 5 female, Cathe Skinner- one of the more savvy veterans in the league)

1. Love Garden (only team in the league to boast having 2 women in my to 10: Sarah Miller- top 5 female, and Jen Beck)

Can you feel the love people?  What a great week for us ladies and KVKL in general.  Looking forward to upcoming pool play!  Good luck everyone.  See you on the field!!