Kickball Lovin’

For awhile now I’ve been wondering how many couples there are in the KVKL; married, dating, etc? How many of these couples play for the same team? How many play on different teams?  Does this affect home life?  How many couples met through kickball?  How many couples got engaged or married while still playing kickball?  Who has the most kickball babies?  All riveting stuff indeed.  Please fill us all in with your precious tales of kickball with a side of love.

It seems to me that nearly every team has a couple of some sort, and in some instances we’ve had some intriguing matrimonial match-ups with spouses and significant others competing against each other on the diamond.  This week for example, when Wildman Attack Force faces Sacred Sword in Sunday night’s Game of the Week, spouses Simon and Cathe Skinner, who play for both teams respectively, will be battling for bragging rights around the house for the foreseeable future.

The dynamic is quite interesting as well.  I’m not sure of the exact nature of how and when they’ve chosen their kickball teams over the years, but they’ve been on different teams before, both played for Sacred Sword last season, and they are once again on different teams for the 2012 season.  There may not be a rhyme or reason to any of this, but if they are anything like me there will likely be sarcastic jabs thrown out all week and someone may or may not be digging into the closet for the backup blanket and finding a nice cozy spot on the couch a couple of times this week leading up to the game.   Maybe there’s even a bet on the line, who knows.

They are a small sample of the couples that represent our league and I’m curious to find out how all of these relationships came to be.  This is your chance to leave some feedback and tell everyone your story.

It would also be interesting to know if there is a couple that is considered the darling couple of the KVKL.  I’m not sure what the criteria is or would need to be but I’m willing to bet that there are those of you out there with an opinion.  Maybe we should put it to a vote.

On a similarly related topic, I believe that we have our first second generation kickballer.  Taylor Gracelyn, who plays for the Screamers this year, is the daughter of Mike Gracelyn from Pita Pit.  How cool is that?  Two generations in the league at once.  I don’ t think kickball had anything to do with it, but soon enough there will surely be kickball babies gracing the playing fields oblivious to the fact that they exist solely because mommy and daddy had one of hopefully many things in common, kickball.

There are already plenty of halflings roaming the sidelines who likely know more about the KVKL than they would care to admit.  It’s funny to me when I reminisce  about running around in the heat at softball diamonds in my youth while my parents played and drank nasty tasting grownup “soda” out of a can throughout the games.  Minus children of my own, I guess the apple truly didn’t fall far from the tree.