KVKL Week 3 Preview

• Drop Stoppers > Kicking Assets
A rematch form last years stunning playoff upset, Drop Stoppers officially own Kicking Assets if they beat them again this week.

• Mass St. Soda Jerks > AsteroidHEAD
A-Head did their normal tease, putting up a great result in week one against the Squids before falling flat against ReBoot last week.  Soda Jerks are quietly building a nice squad, expect them to handle business. 

 • KTC > Ghosts —SHUTOUT 
Not quite 41-0, but KTC will be gunning for the back to back shutout.

 • Red Legs> 23rd St. Brewery
Red Legs have outscored the opposition 38-7 thus far this season, expect another lopsided score in this one. 

• Muddy Waters > Empire Strikes Back — SHUTOUT
Muddy is firing on all cylinders already, and Empire is looking forward to rank play. 

• Rats> Woost
Woost can’t fall to 0-3 can they? Rats get the win and W0-3st keeps looking for answers. 

• Jazzhaus> JSC’s ElectriKick Eels
JSC hasn’t scored a run yet this year, I bet they get on the board against Jazz. 

• RC Matadores > Pawsh Wash
One of the better games of the week, Pawsh is feeling good after their GOTW victory but I gotta go with Santos and the crew in this one. 

• Sacred Sword > Jayhawker CrossFit
S-Word runs their record to a surprising 2-1, but for the love of god take your foot off the gas.  We don’t need another 41-0 result. 

Black Stag > Liberty Hall Late Fees
Black Stag hasn’t hit their stride yet and could be a tad vulnerable as they integrate new players, but it won’t matter this week.  

• John Denver Experience > Reading Rockets
JDE is marching to the #1 seed, Rockets are headed to the #6. 

• Lawrence Shirt Factory > Red Lyon
One of the better games of the week, is this the day Lyon finally beats the Shirt’s? I think not. 

• Ladybird Harpies > Corksuckers
Ladybird gets one final tune-up before facing Muddy and D-Holes in weeks 4 and 5. 

• Chalmersiz > Misfit Toys
Chalmeriz plays good defense and will handle the upstart Toys with ease. 

• D-Holes > Bunt N Grind
D-Holes got smashed by Muddy last week, reminiscent of their loss to KTC last year at GOTW.  They are a good team that always handles their business against teams below them, but cant quite break into the upper tier.

• Goesers Good Neighbors > Nick Lerner’s Patrick MaHomies
Bryson will get the squad back on the winning track against Rashad and the Homies. 

 • Love Garden Squids > ReBoot XXX
A very solid 7pm game at Hobbs, ReBoot has been building a good team for a few years and this is a great chance to test their mettle against the presumptive #1 seed Squids. 

• Free State Growlers > Johnny’s Tavern
“The Blue Collar Showdown”
On paper this should be the best GOTW thus far this season.  Free State bested Johnny’s 18-15 in their last matchup, but there is quite a bit more on the line this week.  

The custom made Blue Collar trophy will be on hand, winner gets to keep it until the next time these two rivals play.  There will be a keg of Johnny’s Taverns own Blue Collar Lager, which is brewed by Free State, on site, as well as jello shots and other giveaway items ready for the 7th inning stretch — so get to Hobbs Park and enjoy what should be a hell of a kickball game!