Post Season – Week 1

by Mike Tiffany

Once again, I’ve waited far too long in between posts, and left all of you waiting and wanting for more kickball gossip/rumors/allegations of fraudulent reffing. It appears that there were a couple of upsets yesterday if we are going by the rankings, 22 seeded Toepokes beat out number 11 screamers (9 – 8), 20 seeded Red Lyon defeated the 13 seed Mad Greek (11 – 8), and even though it ended with the status quo, it looked for a good portion of the game that #25 Open Sky was going to edge out #8 Das Boot. I thought for sure Open sky was going to put some hurt on the consolation bracket but they showed that they are a youthful team and let it slip in the 10th inning of their second game. better luck next year guys, and i hope to see all of the teams that might not be participating in games still come out and have some fun/ref at the games still to come.

Another interesting score i’ve seen is Rangelife Vs. Replay (14 – 4). One would think that the number 6 team should really end up with a larger scoring gap considering they were playing the 27th rank, and arguably the most coctail friendly team in the league. Perhaps not all ascensions/descents are completely justified, but i’d sure love to take this feud to the field as we are running out of clever ways to call them hipsters. I’m not saying that we would like to challenge them to a game post season, perhaps 3pm on the final day at Hobbes before the championship games start happening, or am I? Perhaps my challenge is unwarranted, if they beat the Toepokes, then Love Garden, and we run through Liberty Hall, then First Blood, we could end up playing them as is. In the spirit of proper shit talkery though, i’d like to point out that they have only played one game (which they lost) of the caliber that our schedule was based upon (which i understand we lost also). if i were a betting man, i would definitely say that the Sacred Swords have a lot better chance of ousting First Blood, than Rangelife and their pack of yelping pseudo indy hippy fans have of taking out Love Garden, especially with their 1st and 3rd base acquisitions this year.

p.s. Curtis, you hurt my feelings when you called us a downgrade so now it is now the sword’s kickball crusade to prove we still have what it takes.