two for two

Two for two

For most june means the start of kickball however it is also the start of summer wedding season. This week as I drove cross-country heading to my third wedding in two weeks i passed dirt field after dirty fields in Iowa Missouri Minnesota and Wisconsin all I could think about was kickball.   Yes I am ten hours away and wont be able to play in week three, but if I leave early enough tomorrow I hope to make it back for game of the week. To some this might seem liked a fucked up notion, but for those of us in the KVKL we have driven, hitched and flown back as fast as we could to potentially make our game. Heck even Sacred Sword flew back Adam Mitchell many years ago to play in semifinals of end of season play. Now that is called commitment.

Speaking of commitment who the heck is going to remain undefeated in the KVKL through week three.



Brewballers at Bad News Bagels – First off congrats to the bagels for winning game of the week against screamers. Screamers are improving but dang you bagels are fast fast fast. Keep running them bases like you do and you are gonna take down a few of the less spry teams in the league. This week the bagels are providing BRINNER for game of the week. Lots of local donations means lots of good food for us to nosh on while we sit in the stands and cheer for our fave. You provide the food, I pick you to win by six.

Spacepussy at the Up to eleven late fees – We got our Das Boots kicked last Sunday. So many balls so close to the fence, but we didn’t get shut out. The Fees are 0-2 right now but after the beating we took last week our Big Bottoms should trump the pussy.


Hotel Lobby at Bulletproof Tigers – Great job bulletproof for not getting shut out last week. My prediction was wrong, just like Cougar usually is. This week will be no different. Hotel Lobby and their awesome go-pro videos will continue to show why they will remain undefeated through week three.


Rockets at Happy Shirt – The Rockets were down a number of players last week which allowed Basil Ride (congrats to Basil Leaf for winning best Italian Restaurant this week too!) to put a bit of a bruising on The Rockets last week. Rockets got big legs, but I don’t feel they are going to be a match for the controlled defense of Happy Shirt. The game will be close and low scoring like a magic gathering.

Channel 6 at Chalmersiz – This is one of the three must see games this week. As we get closer to figuring out what is really in candlepants fanny pack, Channel 6 is hitting the field after a close match against Murda Inc. As long as Chalmersiz don’t let any balls get past em in the outfield by the big legs of Channel 6 the game should go to the sexiest team around.

Love Garden Squids at Jazzhaus – Love Garden knows how to kick and kick ass is what they are gonna do on Sunday against the Jazzhaus. Jazzhaus like many of the teams in the lower half of the league just needs to play their heart out and learn from the veterans from Love Garden. Jazzhaus won’t get Love Garden’s goat this week.

AsteroidHEAD at Merchants of Death – Another solid match up this week. Both teams know how to run the bases, its going to be a matchup of who can get the players home first. I expect a high scoring game with the merchants winning by two.

Ghosts at Sacred Sword – Week three the Ghosts are playing solid but are also playing three of their tougher teams right off the base. Sword should have this game unless Joel Kelly’s 30th Bday party makes them all too hung over to play tomorrow. Sword by 5.

Goats at Harper Valley PTA – Goats love snatch cookies, harper valley will bring the goods. Many many goats are out of town this weekend for another Goat wedding, could the Goats then lose to everyone’s favorite grill masters? I fear not.

Taco Tuesday at Murda Inc – First off congrats to all the Murda players from the Roost who won best breakfast and best new restaurant this week in the best of Lawrence awards. Your food is delicious I’d take some biscuits and gravy or and eggs bene over two tacos almost any day.

Rats at Hurtz Donut D-Holes – Two undefeated teams matching up this week. We all know the rats are getting stronger and finding their niche in how they play, however D-Holes are aggressive. Very aggressive and I believe this week they are going to find their power balance and and not allow the rats to take a bite outta their D-holes. Another game to definitely not miss.

Das Boot at Terrebonne Po’Boys – the third must see game of the week happens at holcom gold at 7pm. Terrebonne is a finesse team, Das Boot its pure power. After seeing how das boot so politely pummeled my team last week, I am gonna call Das Boot for the win. Terrebonne has a few players still on the strug with injuries.   THis will hamper their line-up for week three. Das Boot 10 Terrebonne 9.

 Wildman Attack Force at Screamers – America Fuck Yaah! The pure raw power of Wildman will force the screamers into submission this week. Screamers are improving but it’s a lil early in the season for improving teams to take out one of the teams many are predicting will make it back to the finals in 2014.

Kunt Punts at Los Matadores – Hopefully the Kunt Punts bring their inner puppet show to the game and show Paul Santos whos the boss this week. Alas Kunt Punts will miss my memo and instead show up with a keg, get a lil buzz on and lose by five.


Free State Growlers at Red Lyon – Free State pretty much cleaned house at the best of Lawrence awards this week however third best bartender Chris Nevereve aint gonna let Lawrence best restaurant take down the Lyon. Not even the world cup will distract the Lyon from a victory.

Wheres My Pitches at Basil Ride –So after purchasing a delicious snack from the concession area at Hobbs and peeing in the port-a-john, not behind the car parked next to the port-a-john, grab your cans of beer find an ashtray and sit down and enjoy game of the week. (that plug is for you eri-bear). Basil Ride made pesto out of the rockets last week and I think they will cook the where’s my pitches crew. Wiggins and his tank top will notoriously speed by the former West Coast team.     12 – 5.


This week’s photos all taken at harbor lights. I want to put in weekly photos of peeps having fun. So find me and let me take your pix!!ImageImageImageImageImage