Week 8 Preview

Now to the good stuff, pool play.  I wish we had more weeks of equally paired kickball play because there are always so many great matchups this time of year.  My game predictions so far have been fairly accurate, but now it gets really tough.

Looking up and down the schedule there are good games throughout the league in every pool.  The first week of pool play is an important one for determining how your team will finish out the season.  Win or lose, these last three weeks are a final chance to gear up for post season play and assess your teams capabilities against equally matched competition.

The Game of the Week

The Shadowboxers are coming off a huge comeback win last week against Red Lyon.  They’ll be hoping that they can carry some of that 9th inning mojo over into tonight’s game against Party!!. I’ve played with many of the guys on this squad before and when they all show up to play they can be one hell of a kickball team.   In such a big game as tonight I expect them to be ready to demonstrate their skills on the kickball diamond.

I haven’t seen Party!! play much this season, but I hear they can be pretty deadly.  I’ve also heard that they don’t live up to their name much and there is little partying involved in their gaming experience.  We’ll see if that changes tonight under the lights or not.  Several of their players are veterans from the dominant Jazzhaus of old.  It will be interesting to see them compete against a quality team on the big stage.

If you’re free today I recommend getting out and checking out some of the other games around the league as well.  It’s that time of year where knowing the competitions strengths and weaknesses will be crucial moving forward.  That’s about all I have this morning.  Good luck to all and hopefully we’ll have a weekend full of close scores and nail-biting outcomes.




GOTW: Shaolin Shadowboxers > Party!! (11-9)

Pool 1

Pita Pit > Goats

Das Boot > Barracudas

Pool 2

Chalmersiz > Wildman Attack Force

Love Garden > Hurtz Donut

Pool 3

Slowride > Los Matadores

Pool 4

Red Lyon > Free State

Sacred Sword > Screamers

Pool 5

Asteroid Head > West Coast

Corksuckers > Liberty Hall Late Fees

Pool 6

Channel 6 > The Rockets

Gang Green > Balls Deep

Pool 7

Brewballers > Tellerdactyls

Dirty Mike & the Boyz > Ghosts

Pool 8

Jazzhaus > Harper Valley

Spacepussy > Bald Beavers