Week Seven Viewers Guide

Viewers Guide to Week 7

Assuming time and distance aren’t factors in travel this would be the perfect Sunday, July 15th for a KVKL fanatic.

Kanas Tree Care (6-0) @ Goesers Good Neighbors (5-1)
YSC 1 – 5:00pm
Kansas Tree Care was put on notice last week by Lawrence Shirt Factory, no matter how many great athletes you collect in the offseason, you still have to come out and prove it on the field.  A stirring walkoff win over The Shirt’s ought to compel them to come out guns blazing this weekend, while Goeser’s should be trying to land an early blow and get KTC on their heels. If Goeser can score a few early runs, they have a chance to swing the upset.  I don’t see it happening. 

KTC – 14
Goesers – 8 

ReBoot X (3-3) @ Jazzhaus (3-3)
YSC 2 – 5:00pm
Depending on what happens with Johnny’s, this game could very well determine who wins the #4’s. Both teams had solid wins last week, particularly Jazz which dropped a 30-spot on Ghosts, nearly doubling their runs scored on the entire season in one game. Two young athletic teams, this will come down to whichever team plays more fundamental defense. 

Reboot X – 15
Jazzhaus – 14  

Lawrence Shirt Factory (5-1) @ Jackpot! (6-0)
Lyons West – 5:00pm
Both of these teams played 11-10 games last week, Jackpot pulling out a win while Lawrence Shirt Factory suffered a tough loss.  The Shirt’s are looking to avoid starting out 0-2 in their pool, which would make getting a top three seed a tall task, while Jackpot! is aiming for their third win in a row against Happy Shirt. I’m going to assume no team has ever had a three game winning streak against The Shirt’s, this would truly be historic. It’s gonna be a slugfest, but Tyler and the squad are due to get one.  

Lawrence Shirt Factory – 9
Jackpot! – 7 

Pawsh Wash (3-3) @ Ladybird Harpies  (4-2)
YSC 1 – 7:00pm
Watching the top of the order for the Harpies, it’s not hard to squint and see the base of a future champion, they’re that fast. However, to be a really good team you have to play solid defense, and Ladybird is still in the mode of outscoring everyone.  Pawsh is a solid KVKL team, but if Ladybird wants to show they are for real, they need to come out and win this game by double digits. The first 15 minutes of gameplay will go a long way in determining if they will or not. 

Ladybird – 16 
Pawsh – 9

Woost (3-3*) vs. Muddy Waters (4-2) 
YSC 2 – 7:00pm
Due to an unfortunate forfeit, Woost is probably not going to end up taking the threes, but that doesn’t diminish the incredibly solid start they’ve had to their season.  Playing a fun brand of kickball, they are actually 4-2 and have a chance to spring a major upset against what could be a depleted Muddy Waters team. Muddy probably has more talent top to bottom, it just depends who shows up, as well as how Woost responds to their lineup snafu. 

Muddy – 13
Woost – 7  

Free State Growlers (3-3) vs. Corksuckers (3-3) 
Holcom Right – 7:00pm 
This game will probably decide who wins the #5’s. While Corksuckers has been a bit more impressive on paper, the Growlers have the best win on the season between the two, having beaten Pawsh Wash.  Free State is on a three game winning streak, and since allowing an unsightly 46 runs in their first two games, they’ve settled in allowed only 20 since.  These two teams have quite a fun rivalry, expect another exciting chapter.

Free State – 12 
Cork – 8 

John Denver (5-1) vs. Red Lyon (5-1) 
Lyons West – 7:00pm 
John Denver put up a masterful performance last week, allowing Pawsh Wash’s first batter of the game the score, and then pitching a shutout after that.  27 outs in a row without allowing a run is a hell of a feat, hats off to you guys and gals.  Red Lyon continued their mastery over the Red Legs, only allowing them to score in one inning.  Based on those numbers, this shapes up to be a defensive battle, where one crucial error will likely swing the game.  I say that Red Lyon is less likely to make that error. 

Red Lyon – 7
JDE – 5  

Hurtz Donut D-Holes (5-1) vs. Red Legs (4-2) 
Hobbs – 7:00pm 
D-Holes pulled out a thrilling win last week against the Harpies, scoring runs in every inning except one and coming back from an early 8-4 deficit to win 13-12.  The Red Legs couldn’t get the boots working against Lyon, and they’ll certainly have to change that if they plan to keep up with the D-Holes consistent offensive attack. I think the Donuts continue their ascent to a top seven team with another W here. 

D-Holes – 10 
Red Legs- 7

Love Garden Squids (5-1) vs. Chalmersiz (6-0) 
Hobbs – 9:00pm 
We’ve had exactly one game Game of the Week that has been decided by single digits, but barring some crazy shit, that is sure to change this week. This will be a great matchup of contrasting styles, with the offensive minding Squids ready to take on the more defensive Chalmers.  I usually opt for the defensive squad in these types of matchups, by Love Garden has played in a number of big games over the past few years, while this will be Chalmersiz biggest in quite some time.  

Love Garden – 12 
Chalmersiz – 10