Tofuscramble – How much do I love thee? Let’s count the ways.

by | Oct 6, 2010 | Uncategorized

Unprecedented growth and participation.  That’s what we saw from this blog during the 2010 KVKL season.  Talk about tough acts to follow.  The clever monologues the pop-culture references and the minions (I among them) that clamored for more.  Or, the 15 to 2o of you that continually hit refresh on your computers – WORST CASE SCENARIO mind you.  Chris grabbed the reigns and ran (and ran……and ran….and ran…….you get the picture) this blog to new heights of expanded participation, interest, creativity, and engagement.  Well done Chris.  Consider yourself the new standard.

Some quick numbers:  in terms of daily viewing (from 2009 to 2010) this blog saw an increase of somewheres around 600%.  SIX HUNDRED PERCENT!!!  Keep in mind that the blog gets most of its hits between August and September.  BC (before Chris) the busiest day was one-hndred-and-who-gives-a-crap.  AC (after Chris) the busiest day was 521.  Sit with that for a minute.  That may not seem like a high number and there are certainly some repeat offenders, BUT that is a sea change.  If one was trying to market for advertising space that’s the kind of growth (and potential) that businesses are looking for.  More importantly, the KVKL now has a significant (albeit local) online presence to compliment

Keeping the KVKL community in mind, Chris has added to the dialogue in an impressive and beneficial way.  Chris will likely deflect attention from himself and claim inspiration by way of contributions from readers.  I believe increased participation stemmed from the thoughtful presentation and inclusive nature.  To the best of my knowledge, no commenter was denied access to the blog.  Anything that wasn’t spam made it to the comment sections.  So, to honor Chris, I thank all the readers and contributors alike for your passionate patronage and oft compelling discourse.  Kudos to you all.

Lastly, I do hope that people continue their visits to SITP.  I encourage anyone to present material (to Chris or myself) for posting on any topic related to the KVKL or kickball.  Please don’t be hesitant. Who knows?  You might be the next Chris Ford.