Week 10 Preview

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Congrats Mr. Tiffany for ending Paul’s streak, even if you didn’t pick that other streak to come to an end.  It wasn’t even Disney style, and you win a rather un-Disney like prize complements of A Train.  Anyone you want him to derail on?  Winner of the picks gets to join Mike’s teammate, Pat, for his next “stupid tattoo day.”  My favorite is still “Eli’s mom is hot.”   


Love Garden v Los Luchadores

Didn’t I say something about not wanting to write about my own team?  Can’t say I’m terribly upset about my hand being forced: GOTW, undefeated season on the line, or a possible 3-way tie for first.  This game has the makings of an instant classic and what a way to end the season!  I’m still not going to rank my team: Pita and Hummus, Lost Lunch Hors D’Oeuvres (stole this from Mick), Secret Service, Ghosts, DB.  Can’t overlook the other match ups in this pool.  SS v E could be a close one if E puts together a complete game.  Regardless of the outcome, these teams could meet again soon as the 4 and 5 seeds in the tournament.  PP v DB is a rematch of PP’s big scare in last year’s tournament.  As for the GOTW, I predict plenty of antics, with LG arranging the seventh inning shenanigans that will be a GOTW/KVKL first. 


Mad Greek v Yello Sub

It seems the Red Lyon upset of Screamers was a surprise to most people (except Mike), and their win creates a 3-way tie atop the pool.  How do you possibly rank them?  I don’t know and it’s of interest to note that tournament seeds are selected NCAA tournament style where things like run differential, points against, and RPI could be considered, but there is no standard criterion for determining tie breakers for tournament seeding.  If I would rank them today, it would be Red Lyon, Screamers, Yello Sub, Mad Greek, Replay, Weavers.  My justification will remain behind the closed doors of my personal selection committee.  Of the games in the 2’s, this appears to have the greatest chances for an upset and relieving the board a difficult decision.  I’m guessing Yello Sub is still figuring out how to absorb the absence of Shahir and I imagine Mad Greek will have to attack their outfield to pull off the upset.  PREDICTION: YS 12 MG 8


Rangelife v Eastsiders

As predicted, the Eastsiders v Liberty Hall game was a closely contested game decided by 1 run.  Channel 6 pulled off quite the upset in beating Slowride (not sure how many players Slowride had this week), but I can’t justify dropping Slowride in the rankings: Rangelife, Slowride, Eastsiders, Liberty Hall, Channel 6, Free State.  Channel 6 now plays Free State in what could be another close game, but I’m eyeing the Rangelife v Eastsiders.  I figured Slowride and Eastsiders were the only teams that could give them a challenge.  Eastsiders will need to have their best game all season. PREDICTION: CHALLENGE? R 14 E 8


Murda Tang v West Coast

Murda Tang put on quite the show in the GOTW despite facing the most intimidating trash talk I’ve seen all year: “we drink tang for breakfast.”  West Coast almost pulled off a big upset but couldn’t capitalize in extra innings.  No changes in the 4’s this week: Jazz, Double B’s, WC Bassoons, Tang, Vintage, Workers.  I think this is going to be a close one, and I’m picking Dan from Murda Tang to make some big plays in an upset.  MT 9 WC 7


Todd Tractor V Tellers

Tellers dropped a game to Astroidhead to take some of the flair out of this match up.  Todd Tractor is an impressive 6-3 and I wonder if they can crack the top 20 in tournament seeding.  TT, Tellers, Astroidhead, Kitty, Girls, Ms. F.  PREDICTION: TT 12 T 6