Welcome to the 2024 KVKL Season!

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My name is Clint Curtiss and I’ll be your acting commissioner this season. I’ve been in this league for a while as a member of the Corksuckers, and I’m currently serving my third year on the board. I’ve got my work cut out for me maintaining the high bar Lauren Lagaly set as commissioner last year. Hopefully the gods of kickball weather will be kinder to me than they were to her.

This year we say farewell to board members Lauren Lagaly, Staci Taylor-Ahlvers, and David Shipley. Our league would not be as amazing as it is without the hard work and tireless efforts these three members have put in over the years as board members. We all owe them a great thanks.

With the retirement of these three members, we also welcome three brand spankin’ new members: Derek Davis, Avery Brow, and Sean Donnelly. 

Registration will be opening soon, so keep an eye out for that notification. The city has raised our field prices again(thankfully, minimally this year) so unfortunately team dues will also be increasing. We should have our payment contract from the city soon with the appropriate team fee information. As with last year, we’ll be keeping the fees as close to the cost of fields as possible. Now on to all the fun stuff!!

Scheduling last season included a week 10 “Marquee Matchup”, which seemed to provide an excellent week of playing and viewing kickball (and greatly helped the board with ranking decisions), so that will be returning for 2024. 

Since we’re talking about scheduling, let’s mention our start date this year. Week 1 will be scheduled for May 19 this year. 

Here’s a list of significant dates for KVKL, including spring charity events:


TBA(coming soon) – 2024 KVKL Registration opens

April 14 – Spring Charity Tournament

April 20 – KVKL Yard Sale/Plant Sale.

May 5 – Captains Meeting/Ref Clinic

May 19 – Season start – Week 1


Here’s to another great season of kicking balls in the sun with our friends!

Clint Curtiss