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The board just wanted to quickly clarify a specific part of the rules that came into question during a previous Sunday.

C-1 (excerpt)

Teams must play between 8 and 10 players in the field. If fielding 10 players, one must play the catcher position. Each team must field at least 3 men and 3 women in the field at all times.

C-2 (excerpt)

Any player who kicks during a game must play at least one inning in the field, and any player who plays in the field must kick at least once, or shall be considered an illegal player.

C-3 (excerpt)

Kicking orders shall contain between 10 to12 spots. Kicking orders with less than twelve spots must designate at least three spots exclusively for men and for women; orders with twelve spots must designate at least four spots. To accommodate for teams with more than twelve players, two players may share one spot in the order as long as both players kick at least once in the game.

Kaw Valley Kickball is a co-ed league. It is unique in that the rules only require a team to supply three members from each gender (or four if you are kicking twelve spots) giving captains more flexibility with their line-ups and fielding. In the past, teams have fielded only three females, and teams have fielded only three males.

This flexibility includes the option of different genders sharing the remaining kicking spots in a line-up. As long as a team has three all male spots and three all female spots (or four with a twelve person line-up) the other kicking spots can be shared by different genders. Remember that players need only kick and field once to be a legal player during a game.

Line-ups are subject to the head official’s approval prior to a game. Any changes to a line-up that occur after the first pitch must be approved by both the opposing team captain and the head official.

We work with volunteer refs who can make mistakes or misinterpret the rule in question. We encourage meetings between all officials and captains whenever a rule is in question. If there is any line-up dispute that cannot be resolved during a game, the head ref gets final say, but PLEASE note it on the score sheet for further review, or contact the board directly via email.

Be kind to each other. Remember the golden rule: don’t be a dick.



Mick Cottin
KVKL Board Member