Tie-Breakers From Divisions to Rank Pools

by | Jul 21, 2015 | From the Board, Rules

Hi All,

There have been a few questions about how the tie-breakers work when teams are placed from divisions into rank pools. Here is a breakdown with examples from this season:

The order of the tie-breakers is first Overall Division Records, then Head-to-Head (between tied teams), then Runs Allowed (between tied teams), then Runs Scored (between tied teams). Notes: I have never seen it get pass runs scored to determine the rank pools, but the next factors used to determine the rank pools would be Overall Division Runs Allowed, then Overall Division Runs Scored.

A few examples:

  1. This season after the end of division play Bad News Bagels and Mario Chalmersiz had the same record, so the next tie-breaker is Head-to-Head (between tied teams), Bagels won their game against Chalmersiz, so Bagels were placed in Rank Pool 1 and Chalmersiz in Rank Pool 2. No other tie-breakers were needed.
  2. In the Carrie A. Nation division, 3 teams were tied with 2-5 records after division play (Corksuckers, Ghosts, and Taco Tuesday), so the next tie-breaker of Head-to-Head (between tied teams) was used. Ghosts beat both Cork and Taco to have a 2-0 record against those teams, Taco beat Cork to have a 1-1 record against those teams, and Cork was 0-2. So, based on Head-to-Head (between tied teams), Ghost were placed into Rank Pool 5, Taco into Rank Pool 6, and Cork into Rank Pool 7.
  3. In the Langston Hughes division, 3 teams were tied with 1-6 records after division play (AsteroidHEAD, Brewballers, and Sacred Sword). In this case each of these teams were 1-1 in games against each other (Head-to-Head tie-breaker), therefore, the next tie-breaker of Runs Allowed (between tied teams) was used.
    – AsteroidHEAD beat Sacred Sword 9 to 8 (8 runs allowed) and lost to Brewballers 9 to 10 (10 runs allowed), making a total of 18 runs allowed by AsteroidHEAD.
    – Brewballers lost to Sacred Sword 4 to 5 (5 runs allowed) and beat AsteroidHEAD 9 to 10 (9 runs allowed), making a total of 14 runs allowed by Brewballers.
    – Sacred Sword lost to AsteroidHEAD 8 to 9 (9 runs allowed) and beat Brewballers 4 to 5 (4 runs allowed),  making a total of 13 runs allowed by Sacred Sword.
    So, Sacred Sword had the fewest runs allowed, then Brewballers the next fewest, then AsteroidHEAD the most runs allowed. Thus, Sacred Sword was placed in Rank Pool 6, Brewballers was placed in Rank Pool 7, and AsteroidHEAD was placed in Rank Pool 8.

Scott Stewart