KVKL Bracketology

by | Aug 12, 2010 | Uncategorized | 6 comments

Who needs NCAA basketball, Dick Vitale, and a catchy name like March Madness when you’ve got kickballs, Cougar, and August Awesomeness.  Perhaps we do need a catchier name, but this is your chance to test your bracketology skills for the KVKL tournament! 

I couldn’t find a website that recognized our tournament type, and I can’t seem to upload of the excel spreadsheet I created, so we’ll do this the old fashion way.  Print out your brackets and write as legibly as possible in those small spaces.  A name will help, too.  I’ll be at YSC 1 for the Slowride v Brew Ballers game, starting around 4:45 and will accept brackets until 5:15ish.   

Scoring is as follows: 1 point first round, 2 points second, 3 points third, 4 points fourth, and 5 points fifth, with upsets worth double the points for each round.  Complete both sides of the bracket and be sure to include the tiebreaker, which is the total score of the championship game.

Winner of the bracket challenge gets the satisfaction of winning, plus I’ll buy you a drink at the after season party (yes, drinks are free).  Seriously, I need to say that there is some concern that any type of contest or betting could influence reffing, so let’s just all recognize how uncool that would be and plan to use our moral and ethical compass to guide us past such temptations.

Can’t wait for the tournament! 

Chris Ford