Monday Morning Kickballers Unite–Week 5 Review

by | Jun 28, 2010 | Uncategorized | 16 comments

What a great way to wrap up pool play out at YSI.  Sounds like there were several exciting games yesterday, including Brew Ballers upsetting Red Lyon.  Jazzhaus got back on track with a dominating performance over the Eldridge.  Mad Greek locked up 2nd in their pool with a big margin of victory over Channel 6.  Love Garden also locked up 1st with a strong showing against Replay.  I also hear Yello Sub had a close game with West Coast, winning by 2.  The GOTW was as exciting a defensive contest as I’ve seen.  Please respond to this post to share game recaps as well as any more of the great league banter we’ve grown accustomed to over the last several weeks.  Also, what was your favorite kick-a-ballooza moment, and do you think the league should do YSI again in the 2nd half?